Adding Navigation Tabs in Wiki

Follow the instructions below in Atlassian Confluence to add Navigation tabs to your wiki space:
NOTE: Only users with Admin permissions to the space can carryout the following steps.
  1. On the Browse drop-down menu, click Space Admin.
  2. Click on Themes, under Look and Feel.
  3. Click Configure Theme.
  4. In the Navigation text area, enter your wiki markup with the links you wish to display.
    For more details, see the sample below.
  5. Click Save.

The Navigation tabs together with the logo that appears in the diagram above, have been derived using the following wiki markup: 
I hope that you will find this post useful. If you have anymore tips and tricks please feel free to share it.


* !|vspace=10, hspace=10, width=200!
* [WSO2 Website|]
* [Issue Tracker|]

The following is a description on the wiki markup used:
  • vspace - used to leave a vertical margin for the image.
  • hspace - used to leave a horizontal margin for the image.
  •   * - used to add a horizontal line to separate each tab.